Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Time at the Square

I'm in love with downtown McKinney! If you haven't ever been there you should go. It is so cute. They have GREAT places to eat and the past two days I have been doing my Christmas shopping there. I have found some really cool stuff that would be hard to find anywhere else. I really like the food there a lot. I kind of went there today just so I could have lunch at Patina Green Home and Market. Everything they have there is pretty green and they seem to try to get less processed foods at their store. There milk is the closest to raw milk I have ever had and I think I will be buying my milk there from now on. I really like this place called square burger too and of course Spoons. They also have carriage rides and I know a little boy that would love to do that this Christmas. Okay, so I really like to shop and eat enough to blog about it.

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