Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Time at the Square

I'm in love with downtown McKinney! If you haven't ever been there you should go. It is so cute. They have GREAT places to eat and the past two days I have been doing my Christmas shopping there. I have found some really cool stuff that would be hard to find anywhere else. I really like the food there a lot. I kind of went there today just so I could have lunch at Patina Green Home and Market. Everything they have there is pretty green and they seem to try to get less processed foods at their store. There milk is the closest to raw milk I have ever had and I think I will be buying my milk there from now on. I really like this place called square burger too and of course Spoons. They also have carriage rides and I know a little boy that would love to do that this Christmas. Okay, so I really like to shop and eat enough to blog about it.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Eat Snow

I'm pretty sure Landon and I will not see snow like this again in Prosper, TX. It must have been 10 inches or more of fun snow to play in. When we woke up last Thursday morning Landon noticed the snow falling and went to the window saying cute baby babble. I knew I would have to bundle him up and take him out to play. When I did, of course he threw the biggest fit about being in his snow clothes. But the other three times I had to bundle him up later he didn't fuss as much because I think he knew it meant we were going out to play again. I don't know who enjoyed the snow more between Landon, Jetta and Izzie Bear...okay maybe me. The dogs acted like idiots and Landon just I'm sure you can tell by the photos. Oh yeah, he kept on trying to eat the snow the whole time...figures.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

nine months and loving it

Okay so it has been a while...I promise to do better. It has been a blast the past nine months being Landon's mommy. He is so much fun and crawling all over the place. I get a kick out of watching him. Yesterday he was talking himself to sleep in his baby bed and could not keep his head up. He kept on fighting it and finally he just fell over in his lap asleep. I wish I could have videoed it from my baby monitor.
James is having fun watching our little man and sadly before you know he will be throwing a football with him. It's just going too fast. He has been full of giggles lately and cracks up about everything and is into just about everything. I know every parent thinks their baby is perfect...i guess i'm pretty whipped over him. I think here a few months this baby boy will start getting into trouble...he is already a bitter...not sure what do about this. He thinks it's funny. But because I adore him and think he is just the cutest thing, I entered him in the Regis and Kelly beautiful baby contest and the contest. There are tons of cute babies but it's worth a shot. Vote for him if you get a chance.

You can view my entry and vote for Landon here:

I feel kind of silly but all babies are adorable and it would be kind of fun. It would be nice to have his first year of college paid for...yes thinking about that kind of stuff already.

Well, I will be blogging more often. I promise Amanda. :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Crazy for Landon

Landon James McKeehan  was born April 6, 2009 at 11:08 pm. He was 8lbs 1oz and 20 inches long. Since his birth, I have fallen more in love with him everyday. I can't put him down, I just look at him all day and thank God for blessing me with the gift of a son. Being a mom is hard work and I'm enjoying every minute of it. James is a proud daddy and I love watching him be one. Landon is the sweetest thing that has ever happened to us. We love our baby Landon. 

I pray (for Landon) that your love will overflow more and more, and that you will keep on growing in knowledge and understanding. For I want you to understand what really matters, so that you may live pure and blameless until the day of Christ return. May you always be filled with the fruit of your salvation- the righteous character produced in your life by Jesus Christ- for the will bring much glory and praise to God. 

Philippians 1:9-11

Saturday, March 21, 2009

To make My Amanda Happy...

I have never blogged before but Amanda has been wanting me to blog and with a little one on the way, I thought I should. So welcome to my first blog ever! Woo hoo
Well,  Amanda and Beep came to visit this weekend at our house in Prosper. At this point in my pregnancy I walk with pain and it looks funny...and hurts so so so bad. A pregnant Amanda and my big self had a big night. We dragged Beep and James out for dinner.  We ate and then we ate more then went to bed. It was so much fun! Really, it was great! So different from nights we used to have but fun for pregnant girls. That is all I have wanted to do is eat and we did find an ice cream place that I will have to try not to go to everyday. Our goal was for me to go into Labor with Beep and Amanda here. I have to been walking around like crazy since I'm off bed rest, then we ate mexican food ( spicy food is supposed to help) and I cleaned house. Nothing worked. Today we went walking for an hour...two pregnant girls walking together (i'm sure we weren't walking to fast or  i should say waddling) and we wanted to find a short cut. Big girls get tired...Our short cut turned into a long cut and Amanda attempted to fit under fence. She wanted to climb over it but I wouldn't let her and knew there was no way to get my big self over that fence. ( to look at the fence, check out Amanda's blog. I can't believe she thought she could fit!!) Now she is on her way home with Beep and Landon didn't want to come!!! I have no idea when he is going to make up his mind...he tried to come early and now that is okay he won't come!!! Amanda and Beep will soon be coming back but how soon is up to Landon. Time will tell...